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GoddessTempest – My Best Shits 11

GoddessTempest - My Best Shits 11 GoddessTempest - My Best Shits 11 GoddessTempest - My Best Shits 11 GoddessTempest - My Best Shits 11

My Best Shits 11 brings you my best shitting scenes from my top seller toilet slavery videos. A whole 45 minutes of pure shitting into mouths & orgasmic pleasure. Very erotic compilation vid indeed. If there is one feeling in this world that I love more than anything else it’s when I take gig and nasty shits right into people’s mouths.

I’m not ashamed to admit it really turns me on to take a shit in another person’s mouth. What I love even more is watching them eat while I masturbate, it makes me cum so hard! Watching someone chew and swallow my shit makes my orgasm last much longer.

This compilation video is of my best scenes shitting into people’s mouths are brought to you compliments from my best seller videos:

BROKEN TOILET 46 – MESSY SCAT ENEMA“ which is a Extremely CRUEL scat/diarrhea domination by enema. This video of mine is the most sadistic & cruel production I EVER made and it’s NOT for the faint hearted. You have been WARNED!

I could feel thicker chunks of old shit from deep within my bowels moving downwards and this good feeling is so hard to describe but it turns you on like hell. Feeling those chunks of shit blocking the water flow out of your ass, your asshole suddenly expanding as those chunks shoot out into the slaves mouth with gushes of enema water smelling like raw sewage.
I started experiencing these little mini orgasms, the contractions helping to work some old shit deep within lose too. Soon the water turned into a brown sewage / diarrhea sludge with the most HORRIBLE smell!

Problem is NOW I’m on fire with constant little climax / orgasms pumping through my body. It must have tasted HORRIBLE as my slave started squirming and gagging, unable to keep up swallowing the constant flow of sewage like waste coming from my body.

GoddessTempest - My Best Shits 11


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