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ModelNatalya94 – Shit and piss in jeans ($14.99 ScatShop)

ModelNatalya94 - Shit and piss in jeans ($14.99 ScatShop) ModelNatalya94 - Shit and piss in jeans ($14.99 ScatShop)

You like to watch us piss and sleep in our jeans , when our feet are drained by urine leaving wet marks on our jeans , when we fill our jeans with shit and then show you our filthy with shit Asses then this video is for you . Me and my friends Carolina , Alice decided to have a new show in jeans . My friends suggested me first to fill jeans with shit and urine , I agreed as no longer can now I really want to use the toilet . First I pose in my jeans and then I turn to the camera ass and my girlfriend take my jeans to show you my pure white ass , after demonstrating ass my girlfriends wear back my jeans on my ass and I bend over on my knees and start to shit and piss in jeans , on my feet running urine leaving wet spots on my jeans , my jeans are full of shit , Oh yeah my girlfriend again take my jeans and show you my dirty ass , my ass jeans and all the shit , Yes it is cool, after the demonstration, Carolina and Alice put my jeans back on my ass again . Now it was the turn of Alice , Alice is posing for you in jeans , after a demonstration of Alice pulls out their big titties out of shirt and shows them to you after the demonstration jeans and Boobs , Alice becomes a cancer and fills her pants with shit and urine on the jeans Alice, too, have wet spots of urine , after Alice had filled his jeans with Caroline we remove from the butt of Alice’s jeans to show you her dirty ass and jeans . Yes, Alice’s entire ass was in the shit and jeans . Well here comes Carolina’s turn, Carolina posing for you in jeans we show you her ass and Carolina fills her jeans with shit and piss and too we show you her dirty-ass from shit and dirty jeans . You will be able to fully consider the process of filling the jeans, shit and urine , to see how clean our priests and shit . We love to arrange such a show , you will enjoy viewing.

ModelNatalya94 - Shit and piss in jeans ($14.99 ScatShop)


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